Linton Public School

Book Blast

Complete Your Treasure Map in 3 Easy Steps


This event is no longer active. Please contact your school or submit a support ticket using the "Click For Help" button on the bottom of this page.

Welcome to our Book Blast!! We're having a book drive at Linton Public School to help our students build their home libraries and ensure that all of our students have books. All contributions from your friends and family go towards your child's grade level book list until they've earned all ten books. Any additional contributions go toward helping their classmates have books at home.

Your child will also receive awesome prizes just for inviting 10 or more friends or family through this site. For more details, see the Treasure Map your student received from the school.

Do these 3 steps to complete your Treasure Map:

Step 1: Register
Step 2: Enter Students
Step 3: Send 10 or more invitations

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If you have already registered and are looking to send out more contribution requests, sign in below. If you are a returning family from a previous event, you will need to register again for this event.